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Thanks to Sunrider, My Life Has Completely Transformed!

In this article, Sunrider Direct Korea Hero Elite, Bong Jun Kim, shares aspects of his life that have been transformed positively after being introduced to Sunrider. Since discovering Sunrider’s vision, Bong Jun Kim is making his dreams come true, one by one, with Sunrider.

Let’s take a look at how Bong Jun Kim’s dreams are being fulfilled with Sunrider. 

“When I was in college 10 years ago, I came across Sunrider and fell in love with the products. At that time, I was constantly hearing about Sunrider’s vision and business opportunities, along with the products through Jae Eun Jeong, my upline partner. Who doesn’t want to stay young and enjoy the freedom of time while maintaining financial freedom? When I reflect back on my life after meeting Sunrider, I can only describe it with just one word – happiness.

Since I majored in construction in college, my dream has always been in the field of construction, though Sunrider was always on the side of my mind. Before starting the Sunrider business, I was preparing for a job in the construction field, and it was very difficult due to limited job opportunities. 

When Sunrider Direct Korea launched the IBO business, I was lucky to have taken up the opportunity. Sunrider has made a lot of positive changes in my life – I have attained financial freedom and also freedom of time to have a better quality of life.

As someone who loves travel and sports, such as tennis, fitness, and riding, I would have to specially dedicate time for my hobbies aside from my scheduled work time. I couldn’t do most of them and would have to choose which one can fit my time. But after I joined Sunrider, everything was possible and I had the freedom of time to do my Sunrider business while enjoying my passions regardless of the time of day.

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Photo Featured: Bong Jun Kim & Jae Eun Jeong (his upline partner) during the cooking show with Sunrider products and Sunfit 321 challenge through Youtube and Instagram

Why I Chose to Pursue The Sunrider Opportunity

I was well aware of Sunrider’s great vision and opportunities it presented, but it was a huge challenge for me to abandon the career I had built over 10 years to start a new job. Choosing Sunrider was a more fortunate choice for me than winning the lottery. If I had pursued the field of construction with my major, I would have lived my life worrying about the rapidly changing future well into 10 to 20 years after going through the 4th industrial revolution. I am so grateful to Sunrider on this aspect.

That being said, I also encountered difficulties while doing the Sunrider business. In the beginning, we suffered a lot from Covid-19. I was used to having offline meetings, but because of the pandemic, I couldn’t meet people face to face. As such, I opened an online channel and tried to catch on the wave of change. I created a personal YouTube channel, Instagram, and Blog Channel to focus on cold contacts. I created my own style of new content and conducted business online If you try to copy something just because it’s popular, the process might be awkward because it may feel like you’re wearing someone else’s clothes.

Since we’re living in the age of self-promotion, you need to think about what you like to do well and connect them to your on-tact* life. I think originality is important though it might be a long process to figure out one’s individuality, style, and preferences.

Since each media platform channel has different features and targets different types of users of different age groups and interests, we are working hard to use a variety of channels to reach more. We create and share health issues and product-related content for those who are interested in health as well as content that use and apply Sunrider products. We believe that it is our strength to create and expose online content on various topics, so we are uploading content that includes daily activities in life such as dancing, cooking, and exercising.

As many people are having financial difficulties and even losing their jobs during this pandemic, I recently received a lot of calls from people enquiring about the Sunrider business after watching my YouTube channel. In the future, I would like to share the Sunrider business opportunity through online channels, and upload more than one content every day, as I’m doing now, to provide help and enjoyment to many people.

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Photo Featured: Bong Jun Kim & Jae Eun Jeong (his upline partner) during virtual fashion show 

I want to acknowledge the great help of Jae Eun Jeong, my upline partner, who runs the channel with me. It was a great help to share ideas and take on new challenges. The help I received from Sunrider Direct Korea was also substantial. I learned that culture should never be made alone, but all should come together to make a great culture. Sunrider guided us through new fitness challenges, cooking contests (SUN cooking), promotions, and led us to share Sunrider’s culture in Korea. I would like to express my gratitude to Saeheon Kim, Regional Director, and all Sunrider Korea staff.

Indeed, Sunrider has improved the quality of my life significantly.

First, aspect is health and beauty. 

Sunrider has helped make me stay younger looking and more vibrant. My face looks younger and healthier than before I started my business. I look 10 years younger than my friends, and what’s even more surprising is that I look younger while staying healthy. I think staying young or getting younger is the ultimate expression of health. Just like when cells regenerate, younger and healthier cells are created. 

I love all Sunrider products. I start my mornings with Sunrider products and use them throughout the day. When I wake up in the morning, I cleanse my body by taking Suntrim Plus and Fortune Delight. After exercise in the morning, I take Sunfit Protein Plus, Suntrim Shake, Liqui-Five and Sunny Fresh in a shaker bottle. When I combine my exercise regime with Sunrider products, I feel that the recovery of muscle fatigue is faster.so I make sure to take them after exercise.

I also use most of Sunrider’s skincare line such as Kandesn Astringent, Oi-Lin Deep Moisture Lotion, Dr. Chen Youth Emulsion, Oi-Lin Rebuild Cream, Oi-Lin Sunmilk SPF30, and Oi-Lin Night Emulsion. My top favorite product is Oi-Lin Rebuild Cream. When I had a lot of acne in college, this product was very helpful for me. It helped to cleanse the skin, and was a great help. to keep a small face too (laughing).

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Second, aspect is travel. 

Though travelling has been restricted due to the pandemic and we can only attend conventions and meetings online, it has not changed my view of travel and the fact that my life has been changed through the travel experiences I had received with Sunrider.

If I had not chosen Sunrider and had become an office worker, I might have only been possible to travel after retiring from work and after I become a grandfather (laughing). One of the main reasons I chose Sunrider is because of the opportunity to travel that I know brings excitement into my life.

In particular, the Sunrider Grand Convention held in Las Vegas, United States in 2019, marked a milestone in my life. It was also a historic day when we were interviewed in front of Sunrider families all over the world and met Dr. Chen, Mrs. Chen, and the Chen family members whom I greatly admire. I also enjoyed the passion and fun at the Hero party as well.

One of the most memorable parts of the trip was also the in-house production facilities tour  conducted at the Sunrider manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles. I was able to experience first-hand how the products I had been consuming were made and packaged so cleanly.  I felt how great it was to know that we do our own production from start to finish.

Finally, Sunrider has given me financial freedom.

I’ve only been a Sunrider IBO for two years now, but I’m already living a financially stable life. It’s just the beginning, and if we continue in this business for the next 10 or 20 years, I believe that we can really look forward to a brighter future.

Thank you to Dr. Tei-Fu Chen and Mrs. Chen, and the Chen family for making all this possible.”

Contributed by: Bong Jun Kim

Bong Jun Kim’s SNS channels:

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/sunriderJnB


If you are passionate about health and wellness and are looking to kickstart a sustainable business opportunity with Sunrider, do contact the Sunrider office in your country for more information.

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