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4 Essential Skin Care Tips for Summer Ready Skin

Isn’t summer an exciting season where you can enjoy the sun, ocean breeze, watermelons, and fruit shake any time you want! However, during this season, we also face different sets of challenges such as heat and humidity. So how can you enjoy the summer sun while being confident that your skin is well protected?

Skin Care Tip #1: HYDRATE 

We are all aware that hydration is vital to our overall health- especially during summer. Staying hydrated is highly required to maintain our skin health as it makes up the base of our body fluids, which includes our blood, saliva and sweat. In choosing beverages, opt for healthy drinks that can cool you down, and if possible, filled with antioxidants, and vitamins.

Skin Care Tip #2: SUNSCREEN  

UV rays are usually the strongest during summer season. These strong UV rays might not only cause sun burn and skin pigmentation, but also result to skin aging and risk of skin cancer. Therefore, always remember to put on sunscreen when you’re exposing yourself to the sun.

Sunscreen works by absorbing and/or reflecting UV rays. The indicator of sunscreen’s protective strength is the ‘’Sun Protection Factor’’, which is commonly known as ‘’SPF’’. Most dermatologist recommends a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher to be applied on all exposed skin including hands, ears, and lips for a good protection.

The amount of sunscreen applied will also affect the effectives, thus, do remember to re-apply it frequently, especially when you’re sweating a lot or when you have contact with water.  

Skin Care Tip #3: CLEANSE

We tend to wear lighter clothes during summer and we should do the same with our skin – we must go with the lighter options especially with cleansing. Instead of using oil-based cleansers, choose water-based options that can clean your pores and balance your skin’s pH. 

Skin Care Tip #4: MOISTURIZE

Yes, you read it right. Despite the hot and humid weather, you still need to do your moisturizing routine after cleansing your skin. This protects your skin’s outer layer from irritation and skin dryness. That is why it is crucial to find a light-weight moisturizer that absorbs quickly so you won’t feel heavy and sticky on your skin.

Don’t let the summer heat rob you of the once-a-year opportunity to flaunt your summer skin! Nourish and protect your skin to stay optimally healthy and beautiful.

Here are some Sunrider products we recommend to achieve summer ready skin:


Combat the summer heat with Sunrider’s top-selling Fortune Delight® that can assist your body by providing healthy hydration with zero sugar and with only 10 calories per serving. It also has different flavours that you can enjoy! 

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Not only that, we also have this super juice that is good for your skin that you can try- VitaFruit®. With a good source of Vitamins A, C, E, this convenient, portable, and shareable drink in vials promotes healthy and radiant skin.

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Oi-Lin® Sunmilk Sunscreen SPF 30 is a creamy sunscreen that you’ll love to apply and reapply. The super sheer formula spreads easily and melts into skin instantly and provides protection that gently yet effectively shields skin from damaging, burning rays, while retaining its efficacy for up to 40 minutes activity in the water. The pH-balanced, sheer, lightweight formula is perfect for normal to oily skin types, but gentle enough for sensitive skin.

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On the other hand, you can also use the Oi-Lin® Natural Emulsion Sunscreen SPF 30. This super-packed sunscreen has highly concentrated antioxidant vitamins A, B, and E synergized with citrus and herbal extracts to help your skin maintain its youthful elasticity and diminish visible signs of aging. The SPF 30 formula is readily absorbed into the skin and provides intensive moisture that leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated, making it great for dry, sun-damaged skin.

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Made with an exclusive combination of select herbal ingredients, Kandesn® Cleansing Foam infuses the skin with natural emollients while gently yet effectively cleanses. Slightly acidic to harmonize with the skin’s natural pH, it refreshes and energizes for a bright, healthy-looking complexion.

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After cleansing and toning, Kandesn® Deep Moisture Lotion works deep within the skin’s surface to support skin’s ability to replenish and hold onto moisture. Lightweight and fast-absorbing, it moisturizes without leaving a sticky or greasy feel. Rich emollients and herbal extracts help soften even the roughest, driest skin, while soothing and hydrating.


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