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Top 5 Makeup Trends You Should Follow in 2023

Similar to the cycle of fashion trends, new makeup trends are also constantly emerging. Interestingly, in recent years, we have observed makeup trends from the 90’s coming back strong. These include eyeliner lines, vibrant colors, and highlighting the glow of healthy skin. 2023 promises to be a year of many new beauty trends and re-emergence of those from previous decades.

Let’s take a look at the 5 most sought-after makeup trends in 2023!

1. Natural Glam Makeup

The nude makeup movement has become a favorite “guideline” for those who want to flaunt their natural beauty. Skipping layers of makeup with sharp cheekbones, going for a “natural glam” look shows that the love for natural beauty has not diminished.

Natural glam focuses on essential steps that is fast becoming a favorite in the beauty community. A light makeup with concealer for smooth skin, accented with a little powder to create a highlight effect around the eyelids are the core points of this style.

Natural Glam Makeup

2. Eye-Focused Makeup

The embellished eyes are asserting its charm through movies and fashion catwalks. This makeup style is gaining in popularity because it draws attention to one’s eyes, the windows of the soul. It also easily fits many face shapes and eyelids due to the variety of eye colors. Blend around the eyelid and lower lash line for a slightly smoky effect.

Eye-Focused Makeup

3. 90’s Inspired Makeup

Making a strong return from the fashion styles of the 70’s to 90’s, the beauty world is turning its attention to retro beauty trends inspired from this period. The definition of this style lies in plump, dewy lips, and healthy skin. A lipstick finish with lip gloss, accompanied by glittering eyeshadow with shades of brown, silver, and gold are some ways to evoke the glamorous and gorgeous style of this beauty trend.

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90’s Inspired Makeup

4. Glowing Skin

Plump-looking skin is a signifier of good health and youth. So, there’s no denying that the use of radiant, moisturizing foundation has never lost its charm.

Makeup artist’s tip: You can choose an ultra-light foundation or use a tinted moisturizer with a highlighter. But don’t forget that the key to successfully creating this look is natural healthy glowing skin from within. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you take good care of your skin, keeping it well-hydrated, before transforming your look with layers of makeup.

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Glowing Skin

5. Spring-Summer 2023: Color Pop

The Spring-Summer 2023 makeup trend will bring a cheerful breeze with eyes that are dressed in pop color palettes. The lines or color streaks cleverly created on the face are highly recommended for those who like to showcase their beauty flamboyantly.

Green, pink, neon blue are currently the three most popular colors. Just add a little emphasis on the eyes, and balance with the lips covered with neutral color or lip gloss and you have an outstanding look.

Spring-Summer 2023: Color Pop

2023: A Year of Natural Yet Playful Makeup Trends

And there you have it; these are five makeup trends that you should know about in 2023. If you enjoyed reading this article, bookmark Sunrider blog to follow all the latest articles on beauty and skincare tips and information!

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