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10-Minutes Upper Abs Workout to Try at Home or During Work Lunch Break

Timea Lorincz (2021) Youtube page. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/embed/MkckEVKabmY?feature=oembed

Upper Abs Workout

Finally, a lung-busting jumping-free workout!

This workout is perfect for newbies and those who dislike abdominal strengthening exercises performed on the floor. Highly recommended for beginners, the exercises can be performed anywhere to achieve a toned and beautiful abdominal muscles that effectively burns stubborn belly fat.

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds, then immediately move to the next 40-second section. The intensity level can be determined by you but the the key is to maintain focus during the workout and ensure that when you move your upper body to the side or turn it, your lower body remains stable.

You’ll be amazed at the beautiful muscles these exercises will create!



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Lorincz, T. (2021, February 18). Úszógumigyilkos edzés állva, kezdőknek is – 10 perc a gyönyörű hasizomért. Germany.

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