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4 Toothpaste Life Hacks You Can Try at Home

Toothpaste may just be one of the most useful inventions by mankind. It is a product that most of us use in our daily lives. After all, we start and end the day by brushing our teeth. But why just our teeth? Can we use toothpaste on other things too?

Consider the following tips and tricks that you can do with your toothpaste:

1. Polish sink, shower, and other silvers

If you’re running out of bathroom or kitchen cleaners, toothpaste is a great alternative to clean your sink, shower or other silvers! Just add a little toothpaste to an old brush or cloth and you’ll have your fixtures or silvers sparkling in no time!

Polish sink, shower, and other silvers

2. Remove food odors

Tired of that lingering smell of garlic or fish after food preparation? Why not dab a pinch of toothpaste onto the palm of your hands, rub it together for a minute, and rinse well? You’ll be surprised how the odor disappears!

Remove food odors

3. Remove crayon or pencil marks from the wall

If you have children at home, you will most likely have a wall doodled with your kids’ favorite cartoon character in crayon or pencil. Instead of being upset with your kid, just grab some toothpaste, apply it on a damp sponge or toothbrush andwipe or brush the areas with drawings until it is fully erased. Finish by wiping it with a damp cloth and allow the surface to dry.

Remove crayon or pencil marks from the wall

4. Cleaning tea or coffee stains from your bottles or cups

Most of us love using our shaker bottles filled with Fortune Delight® as it is handy especially when we travel, right? However, we find it hard to clean, especially when it comes to stubborn stains. Instead of washing it with liquid dishwashing soap, try to scrub them first with your toothpaste. You’ll be fascinated how those brown rings inside are easily removed.

These are just some marvelous life-saving things that we can do with toothpaste. There are still a lot more, and mind you, we haven’t discovered all of them yet! How about experimenting some of these at home and sharing it with us? You can also check this video of Sunrider’s Katie Chen as she demonstrates how can you perform these hacks at home.

If you’re a parent who loves to use natural products at home, SunSmile® Herbal Toothpaste is something you can consider adding to your must-haves! It’s uniquely formulated with natural enzymes that remove food particles left between the teeth for thorough cleaning. Safe to swallow and with a refreshing mint taste kids love, it’s the ideal choice for the entire family. Check your local Sunrider office and see how can you get one of these!

SunSmile® Herbal Toothpaste
SunSmile® Herbal Toothpaste
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