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My Fitness Secrets with Sunrider®

I am Lo Novalina, a Sunrider® Independent Business Owner (IBO) from Indonesia. I have been consuming Sunrider® ’s products since I was in college till now, and I have experienced so many of its product benefits!

During the pandemic, I have to work-from-home for almost seven months and I occupy my free time with Zumba and Aerobics three times a week. During this period, my friends asked me how can I still look fit for 7 months of staying indoors with reduced movement? I shared with them some of my fitness secrets that you may want to pick up and include in your lifestyle too!

Morning: I consume NuPlus® with my fruit juice, which is filled with complex carbohydrates, to fill in my nutritional gaps with micronutrients to balance my body.


Throughout the day: I drink Fortune Delight® or Calli® tea, which is very helpful for detoxing and getting rid of useless fat and other toxins.

Calli® Concentrated Herbal Beverage
Fortune Delight® Concentrated Herbal Beverage

Ever since the PSBB (social restriction rules in Indonesia) has loosened up, I started swimming twice a week. To avoid dehydration after my swimming sessions, I take Alpha 20c and Quinary to maintain my immunity.

novalina 2

Image by Lo Novalina

Since I got to know Sunrider®, I have followed a healthy diet as well. I’m glad that I am able to maintain my weight since my college days because of my healthy diet as compared to many friends my age who have gained weight significantly and feel tired easily, especially when they need to take the stairs.

To my dear friends and readers, if you want to be healthy, fit, and slim, choose the best products that are safe for consumption. Sunrider® has been proven for their quality, because of the following reasons:

1. Owner’s expertise: Our Founders are top-notch scientists and trusted experts.

2. The Philosophy of Regeneration: When your body runs in balance, a healthy mind and spirit will follow. Sunrider’s products holistically nourish (yin) and cleanse (yang) our body’s five systems.

3. Wholly made by Sunrider®: While most companies hire or outsource their research, procurement and formulation, Sunrider® controls every aspect of manufacturing to ensure purity, integrity, safety and effectiveness of every Sunrider® product.

4. Available in 50 countries: Global diversification keeps the Sunrider® business dynamic, relevant, and stable for our Independent Business Owners.

We hope that you enjoyed Novalina’s sharing about how Sunrider® products have helped her to be healthier and fitter! If you are interested to try any Sunrider® products, do reach out to the local offices in the footer below.

Founded in 1982, Sunrider International is a world-class manufacturer of high-quality herbal products for health, beauty and home needs. Sunrider products are produced in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle by providing the right nutrition to people around the world and supporting health, balance and well-being based on the entrepreneurial expertise.


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