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4 Benefits of Using a Face Moisturizer Daily

It is beneficial for us to use a face moisturizer on a regular basis.

As most of us use a facial cleanser to wash our face, this might dry out our skin. This is because facial cleansers remove the natural pH barrier on our skin and strips off its natural moisture.

Face moisturizers help to restore keratin to our skin. This protein is needed to keep the skin moisturized, smooth, and healthy. Dry facial skin is primarily caused by reduced natural moisture and low pH levels, due to a lack of keratin.

Here are 4 reasons why we should use a face moisturizer every day.

1. Nourish the skin

Besides “relocking in” moisture within the skin, some moisturizers contain active ingredients, such as vitamins, needed to keep our facial skin beautiful and healthy.

For example, vitamins A and B5 can increase skin firmness and moisture. Antioxidants, like vitamin C and vitamin E are known to repair and prevent the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals to prevent skin aging. In addition, certain moisturizers with sunscreen ingredients, can protect the skin from damage when exposed to direct sunlight.  

2. Prevent skin problems

Using a moisturizer every day may prevent facial skin from being too dry or oily, depending on your skin type. Both of these conditions are not good for facial skin and can cause skin problems such as acne. Thus, it is recommended that individuals with oily facial skin use a facial moisturizer to reduce acne outbreaks. This is because you still need the nutrients in a moisturizer that can help prevent acne.

For those with oily skin, choose a moisturizer that is lightly textured, water-based, and easy to absorb. Consider using Kandesn® Deep Moisture Lotion to soothe, hydrate, and repair facial skin.

Kandesn® Deep Moisture Lotion
Kandesn® Deep Moisture Lotion

3. Reduce signs of aging

It is said that dry skin makes one look older. For some people, dry skin is a result of their external environment such as the weather or spending long hours in an air-conditioned place, and hormonal changes. In the long term, coupled with decreased oil production, signs of aging are more likely to appear on people with dry skin, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dry patches.

So, use a moisturizer every day to keep the skin hydrated, as it can also slow down the signs of aging. In addition, gently massage your face while applying moisturizer. This helps to stimulate blood circulation and the formation of new cells for younger-looking skin.

4. Maintain optimal skin function

Keeping your facial skin well-hydrated, allows the outer protective layer to function optimally. This layer of skin protection is very important because it serves to protect the deeper layers of the skin from pollutants or UV rays.

Maintain optimal skin function

There are plenty of benefits to using a skin moisturizer regularly, so start incorporating moisturizing into your daily skincare routine to help your skin maintain its optimal glow!

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