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How Sunrider Transformed Penpimon’s Passion for Wellness into a Successful Business

Sunrider Independent Business Owner

A Sunrider Independent Business Owner for more than 20 years, Penpimon, Hero from Thailand, has spent most of her time spreading the message of healthy living with those around her. She also uses the company products with her family for good health. As the family believes in Sunrider® products, it encourages them to dedicate their full effort to running the business.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses had to reach out to customers through social media. Despite that, Penpimon was not discouraged and is always keen to improve and develop new skills. In addition, Penpimon frequently participates in company activities and takes the opportunity to share about health and wellness.

Penpimon is a hardworking and diligent lady

A Role Model at Sunrider Thailand

Penpimon is a hardworking and diligent lady. And a good role model – someone whom her downlines can learn from to grow the team.

For this reason, Penpimon is well-loved and regarded as a star by Sunrider Thailand. She has also enjoyed success as an IBO – by having the opportunity to travel abroad and within Thailand, receive a stable income, and enjoy good health.

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Founded in 1982, Sunrider International is a world-class manufacturer of high-quality herbal products for health, beauty and home needs. Sunrider products are produced in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle by providing the right nutrition to people around the world and supporting health, balance and well-being based on the entrepreneurial expertise.


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