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Anti-Aging Skincare Decisions to Start In Your 20s

It’s never the wrong time to start an anti-aging skincare routine. One of the most basic skincare rules is that it’s a lot easier to prevent something than repair it. So why not consider starting your Anti-Aging skincare routine when you are in your 20s?

How you take care of your skin and yourself will directly impact how youthful your skin appears. If you don’t protect and maintain your skin’s health, you’re most likely to see the effects of aging sooner.

Check out how you can keep your skin looking healthy, radiant and youthful with these four smart skin Anti-Aging tips.

Wear Sunscreen Daily

Fact: Anti-Aging starts with sunscreen. This is definitely the top of the list! Sunscreens contain UV filters that block out damaging ultraviolet rays that are responsible for skin ageing, such as dryness, fine lines, sagging and even pigmentation.

It’s important to not just apply sunscreen when we are out for an outdoor outing, but we need to apply sunscreen 365 days of the year, even when it’s cloudy or if we’re working from home. This is because UV rays can pass through clouds and windows too.

So, it’s time to take care of your skin by putting on sunscreen daily without fail!

OL Sunmilk SPF30 F

Eat Right

You are what you eat. Hence, it’s important to feed your body and its organs with the right nutrients. After all, your skin is the largest organ you have.

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Fill your plate with foods that are high in omega-3, such as salmon and other fatty fish to help your skin maintain a healthy skin barrier. Other anti-oxidant rich foods (green tea, pomegranate, berries), can help ward off the free-radicals that can cause skin to age. Wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds and chickpeas are all good options, too.

Plying it with antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries, fatty fish like salmon and dark leafy vegetables, protects both your skin and body, from damage-causing pollution and stress. It also helps slows down the ageing process from the inside out, ensuring that the skin stays healthy and strong.

Consider including Metashaper® into your daily meals too! MetaShaper® is a natural way to look better and feel better. A synergized blend of resveratrol, green tea extracts, and other super-concentrated antioxidants neutralize free radicals to promote vitality and energy while supporting the anti-aging functions of the body. It’s expertly formulated to also support metabolic efficiency and decreased caloric intake for a leaner, fitter body.

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Have a Good Night’s Rest

Don’t deprive your body and skin of sleep—it uses that time to regenerate and recover from your day-to-day activities.

When we get sufficient sleep, our bodies are well-rested and our skin looks less tired too. This is because our skin, together with our body, goes into recovery mode at night when we rest. It’s the time where it naturally repairs the damage it has sustained during the day, from aggressors like the sun, pollution and even stress.

Brighter Looking Eyes

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest, so it shows the first signs of aging. The tissues around your eyes and some of the muscles can weaken, which can lead to sagging skin and puffiness.

Even if you’re in your 20s, preventative care now will keep your eyes looking healthy for decades to come.

Treat your eye area Oi-Lin® Eye Cream. Oi-Lin® Eye Cream is a concentrated herbal eye treatment which contains Hyaluronic Acid which holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water, making it an excellent natural moisturizer and skin plumper. It also contains Vitamin B5 which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Oi Lin Eye Cream s

Apply to the skin around the eye area in a gentle dabbing motion morning and night. We recommend using your ring finger to dab the serum in, as it has the gentlest touch and therefore is less likely to tug or pull at the fragile skin.

Founded in 1982, Sunrider International is a world-class manufacturer of high-quality herbal products for health, beauty and home needs. Sunrider products are produced in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle by providing the right nutrition to people around the world and supporting health, balance and well-being based on the entrepreneurial expertise.


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