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Sports Nutrition: What To Eat & Drink After A Workout

Consuming the right nutrients after exercise is just as important as what you eat before.

When you go to the gym to exercise, your muscles may have used up their glycogen to provide you energy for your exercise. This results in a lack of glycogen in your muscles and along with that, some muscle cells may also have broken down and are now damaged.

So eating and consuming the right food and water after exercising can help your body get this job done faster!


Exercise will trigger muscle protein breakdown. The rate at which your body breaks down protein depends on the type of exercise you do and your fitness level.

Consuming an adequate amount of protein after exercise provides the body with the amino acids it needs to repair and rebuild damaged proteins. It also helps to build new muscle tissue.

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These are some examples of protein sources for gym-goers like you!  .

  • Chicken breast: With only 58 grams of chicken breast, you can provide up to 17 grams of protein for the body with high levels of niacin acid. In addition, the chicken breast is rich in omega 3 acids and many other vitamins that are good for brain and health. However, do remember to remove the chicken skin as chicken skin contains a large amount of saturated fat, which is not good for health and muscle gain!
  • Tuna & Salmon: Tuna and Salmon are rich in protein and contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids. One tuna fillet provides up to 26g of protein. In addition, fish also contains many other important nutrients for the body such as vitamins, iron, zinc and energy!
  • Eggs: This is one of the protein foods that many gym-goers love because of its convenience and quick processing. One egg contains up to 6g of protein; the egg whites contains up to 4g of protein. Besides protein, eggs also provide vitamins A, D, E, K and other essential fatty acids that are good for bodybuilding and muscle gain.


Glycogen is used for energy during exercise, and the post-exercise carbohydrate supply replenishes these reserves.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. About 45 – 65% of your total daily calories should come from carbohydrates, especially when you exercise.

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Choosing the right carbohydrate is very important! Many people choose to have simple carbohydrates found in sweets or processed foods. These simple carbohydrates are not good for our body in the long run. Start choosing complex carbohydrates found in whole grains, vegetables, beans, and fruits.

Whole grains are more durable than refined grains because they are digested more slowly, allowing you to feel full longer throughout the day. In addition, these grains also contain essential vitamins and minerals to help the body function properly.


This might not fall under the food category but hydrating ourselves before and after exercising is so important!  

During exercise, your body loses water and electrolytes through sweat. The replenishment of water and electrolytes after exercise helps the body recover and achieve peak performance.

Depending on the intensity of your exercise, you need to replenish water and electrolytes appropriately with the amount lost during exercise.


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When Should We Eat After Workout?

It is the most ideal if you consume food 30 to 45 minutes after your exercise! As many studies have shown that if we consume food 2 hours after exercising, the body can only recover 50% of the lost Glycogen.

So, remember to consume your food in balance to restore your body by giving your body the nutrients it needs!

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