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Top 7 Fitness Trends of 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our way of life in many ways. But if there is a silver lining to it, it’s that people are paying more attention to their health and making exercise a part of their daily routine. As a result, many new fitness trends have grown in popularity in recent years.

Similar to other aspects of our life, movement restrictions have led us to exercise within the confines of our homes and resulted in an increased reliance on technology to meet our fitness needs.

Because of that, many of us have resorted to transforming our living space into a makeshift gym, complete with workout equipment and devices to access online fitness classes.

Even though fitness centers are progressively opening up, we are still largely reliant on home-based workouts for now. So, let’s take a look at the 7 biggest fitness trends in 2022, and find out how you can tap on them to level up your fitness game!

1) On-Demand or Live Virtual Fitness Classes

Not surprisingly after COVID-19 lockdown measures were implemented worldwide, the popularity of online workout classes has skyrocketed, since it has become more accessible from the comfort of one’s home, making it one of the top fitness trends.

In addition, what also made these virtual sessions so popular is the flexibility to train at one’s own time and pace.

2) Portable Technology

We can now rely on technology to complement our fitness goals. This comes in the form of smart watches, pedometers, and any other device that can measure activity and performance. Fitness-related portable technology include smart devices that are capable of monitoring sleep quality, stress levels, give tips to improve recovery, or notify you when to start moving to increase your activity.

What’s revolutionary about these gadgets is the availability of physical performance tracking for the average person. Large tech companies have already designed features that utilize artificial intelligence to recommend personalized training programs based on a user’s tracked data. This fitness trend could stay on the list for a long time to come!

3) Outdoor Activities

Arguably one of the most popular fitness trends for many years, its decline in popularity can be largely attributed to the pandemic. Even those who used to train indoors since restriction measures were first implemented, now yearn for some form of outdoor activity. It is worth visiting fitness parks, which are gradually opening up in more countries. There, you can work out while enjoying some fresh air!

Outdoor Activities

4) HIIT Training

HIIT training has gained immense popularity over the last 5 years, making it one of the top fitness trends. One reason is its time efficiency, as we are looking at about 20-30 minutes of training, without equipment but with maximum effort, which can result in an intense workout. You can easily fit in a HIIT training session even if you are busy, as you will enjoy an effective fitness session in 30 minutes.

5) Partaking in Exercise for Good Health

It is becoming commonplace for people to exercise regularly, not just to look good, but also to maintain good health and mental clarity. In other words, people are becoming more health-concious and recognizing the health benefits of exercise, rather than just chasing a desireable body figure, like in the past.  

6) Working Out with Free Weights

When it comes to increasing the effectiveness of home training, manual weight training can increase the effectiveness of your workouts, especially if you have done the same exercises with a bar or guided track machine. This is a fitness trend that has gained in popularity, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


7) Fitness Programs for Seniors

With the increased awareness of keeping fit for good health, there is a heightened demand for fitness classes catered for the elderly. As seniors may lack the nesessary knowledge, the right workout programs can help them achieve their wellness goals and maintain good health.


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