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I Am a Millennial and Chose to Become a Sunrider Entrepreneur

Greetings to all Sunriders around the world!

My name is Rebec Vanlalhriati, an Ace Royal from Sunrider India. I am 20 years old and live with my father and three siblings. Unfortunately, my mother passed away in 2011. I am the eldest among my siblings and being the eldest, I have a lot of responsibilities towards my siblings, as well as to meet my financial needs, such as my college daily expenditure.

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, and I will complete my studies in 2023. Since I have to pay for my college fees and take care of my daily expenditure, every day feels like a challenge.

One evening, I was browsing the Internet on my phone and saw a post on Instagram by Sunrider Mizoram. Somehow, I was curious and in need of financial support to sustain my education. Being a shy individual, I was quite apprehensive and didn’t know who to reach out to. However, I contacted an Independent Business Owner (IBO) from Sunrider India, Lalhlimzuali through Instagram, who invited me to the office and she eventually became my upline.

On the 10th of February 2021, I made the decision to join Sunrider as an IBO. I started receiving trainings from my upline, their uplines, and the Office. They taught me how to take a step forward one day at a time!

I achieved Star Prime rank in the following months. Then in August 2021, Sunrider announced a Key Rewards Incentive Program, which changed my life. I accepted all the new challenges faced throughout this journey and these helped me to achieve everything that I have today.

I became more active in my Sunrider business and attended all meetings and trainings. It took me a while to understand our compensation plan, but when I learned how fair and transparent our compensation plan is, and how we can make a fair income from it, I started sharing the same to all my friends, acquaintances, and prospects, etc. As an introvert, I reached out to people mostly through social media.

I was determined to achieve the Gold Key reward from the Key Rewards Incentive Program from the beginning and my determination drove me to achieve it by the end of the program! During this journey, my Sunrider business improved a lot, I met new people. I gathered my courage in building a stronger team.

During my initial months at Sunrider, I could not get anybody to join my team, I was not good at talking about the Sunrider opportunity to others, but the Incentive Program pushed me to do more every day. I started having downlines, my friends started seeing how I grew and improved and what I’ve become little by little. That’s when my team started growing and started earning real money!

In September 2021, I achieved Ace Rank and by November 2021, I became an Ace Royal in Sunrider through the Key Rewards Incentive Program.

Ace Royal, Sunrider, Key Rewards Incentive Program

My accumulated earnings have been more than INR 220,000 (about 2,900 USD) in the last five months! As a college student who used to prefer staying alone to being surrounded by others, I am happy that I am now able to financially help myself and my family.

Being an introvert, it was really hard for me to approach others, especially when it comes to face-to-face interaction with my customers and new prospects. My upline, Lalhlimzuali has always been there for me since day one and she has been the biggest support in building my dream team.

I watched my upline train her team and my team, and that’s how I learned. I didn’t have the courage to stand in front of people. Thankfully, Sunrider organized a lot of activities for us to participate in, such as the Momentum Builder Virtual Group Challenge and hosting Sunrider Day. By engaging and involving us in every one of our local events, these activities greatly contributed to my personal development and my team’s growth!

Building My Sunrider Business Through Social Media

Social media is the primary platform which I used to grow my team – to recruit and make sales. I meet prospects through social media and 90% of my Sunrider business is through social media. My daily motivation is to become the best role model for my downlines. I learn how to balance my college and family life with my Sunrider business. Every day, I move out from my comfort zone, I learn and practice time management, I know my weaknesses and I do not hesitate to seek support from my uplines. This is how I have grown as part of the Sunrider family!

After joining Sunrider, I started looking after myself and made conscious effort to choose the right habits. I ate healthier, opted for a healthier lifestyle, and made changes to my routine. Additionally, I always observe and learn from the Corporate Staff, from my other fellow IBOs, and I pick out the good qualities from them.  

When we are in this industry, we have to brainstorm a lot of strategic planning, initiatives, and calculate our qualifications. As a matter of fact, by the end of the month, we are always concerned about our monthly qualifications. But when you develop a passion for your work, you learn to enjoy every bit of it.

My team and I enjoy what we do, we have fun working together, and that’s the reason why we grow fast. We are not just business partners, but friends as well. We go out for picnics, we dine out once in a while, we teach each other how to make business videos, business-related social media reels, etc. To me, the core strength of a strong business is all about relationships!

As a Sunrider IBO, we live free, we set our working hours, and we conduct training when required. We do not need to submit our resume to become a Sunrider business builder. Sunrider doesn’t just focus on our work experiences; they don’t ask about our backgrounds. All it takes is making a real decision, setting goals, and putting every bit of your effort into reaching the goals.   

My next goal is to visit our Global Headquarters and Manufacturing Plant in the USA and to meet other successful leaders and learn more from them.

I am glad to be a part of the Sunrider Family, where everyone can fit in!

To conclude, I’d like to share a quote from Sunrider Founder, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, “Keep moving forward. We are named Sunrider because if we face the sun, the shadows will always be behind us”.


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