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9 Ways to Gain Motivation to Exercise Regularly

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to exercise regularly. Yet, many of us fail to follow through with this resolution. Often, we may set an alarm to wake up early just to set aside time to exercise, but as soon as that alarm goes off, we hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.

Even though we are aware of how important exercise is for physical and mental health, most of us are hesitant to exercise regularly due to a lack of motivation. Here are 9 tips to follow for you to gain motivation to exercise regularly.

1. Identify Your Purpose of Exercising

Identifying your “why” is perhaps the most important part of making any kind of change, especially health-related changes such as losing weight or keeping fit.

Start by identifying the motivation behind wanting to change (for example: longer life, boost self-esteem) and then visualize the end goal (for example: 10kg weight loss, slimmer waistline). Always keep your “why” at the back of your mind in case you need it to remind you why you’re making the change to exercise regularly.  

2. Setting Goals

Goals don’t always have to be big achievements. For example, you might have daily goals, weekly goals, or even hourly goals. Basically, you should always have something to aim for, regardless of how big or small the activity is, because the most important thing is to keep your body active.

3. Discipline

Create a routine and develop the discipline to stick to it. Take a few minutes to stretch before you begin. Also, listen to upbeat songs that make you excited to start your exercise routine. Find ways to make exercise a regular habit like brushing your teeth.

Exercise Routine Discipline

4. Flexibility

While having a routine is important, it is essential to be flexible. Allowing some rain check is critical to keep you motivated to exercise.

For example, if you plan to jog 4 miles four times a week, but if there comes a time when you feel tired or have limited time, it is reasonable to skip a session. If you’re too tired to exercise at the end of the day, set an early alarm and exercise in the morning.

5. Commitment

Getting in shape takes time and effort. Being healthy is not a decision you make once. It is a decision you make EVERY DAY. So, try to make exercise a part of each day!

6. Have Fun While Exercising

Moving your body can be a fun part of everyday life. If the activity you’re doing isn’t interesting, find a sport that excites you.

If you don’t feel motivated, you may be selecting the wrong activities. Choose an activity that you enjoy the most and make it something to look forward to. Remember, exercise does not have to be done in the gym. You may prefer other forms of exercise such as hiking, horseback riding, running, or dancing.

Have Fun While Exercising

7. Keep Thinking Positive

Visualizing the benefits of a behavior can be used as motivation. For example, if you are deciding whether to get out of bed to run in the morning, you can imagine how the sun will feel on your face or how excited you will be when you see the changes that are happening to your body.

8. Focus Only on Yourself

There will always be someone fitter, faster or more flexible than you. Therefore, do not compare yourself to others.

9. Reward Yourself for Achieving Your Goals

Promise yourself that you will be rewarded for achieving your goals. Choose gifts based on the things you love. In addition, you should also know that exercise is “rewarding” in itself. For example, keeping active helps to reduce stress, so you can enjoy better focus and emotions throughout the day.

Motivation: Mindset is Everything

When it comes to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, setting goals and having fun along the way are instrumental to succeeding. Keep persevering and you’ll quickly realize the benefits of better health, more energy, and more happiness!


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