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5 Tips To Enjoy Good Quality Sleep

A good quality sleep, just like a healthy diet and exercise, is incredibly important to your health. However, though many know of its importance, a significant number of people are still not able to fall asleep easily or stay asleep throughout the recommended duration of sleep.

A survey conducted in Singapore showed that 41 percent of Singaporean adults only get 4 to 6 hours of quality sleep, even though they should be clocking in 7 to 8 hours. 

When we don’t get enough shut-eye, we sacrifice more than just a good night’s sleep. Studies have shown that lack of quality sleep is associated with a greater risk of heart disease, stroke, Type 2 Diabetes, mental illness, increased inflammation, poor memory, and focus…etc. 

While your body is asleep, your brain is still working hard to oversee a wide variety of biological upkeep, in preparation for the next day. Therefore, quality sleep can help you to:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve concentration and productivity
  • Improve immune function (i.e., lower the risk for serious health problems)

Quality sleep habits which is often referred to as “sleep hygiene,” includes sticking to a sleep schedule and removing electronic devices such as TV, computers, and smartphones from the bedroom so you can rest completely without any interference. 

Here some tips to help you get a good night’s sleep:

  • Set a schedule – go to bed and wake up at the same time each day
  • Avoid eating or exercising at least 2 hours before bedtime
  • Adjust the light and temperature to your comfort level. A dark and quiet bedroom will make you sleep better.
  • Relax before bed – use Kandesn® Hand and Body Lotion with Sunbreeze Oil to massage your body 

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Kandesn® Hand and Body Lotion

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Sunbreeze® Oil                 

  • Avoid caffeine and nicotine late in the day before bed – if you need a drink before bed other than water, you can try Sunrider® Fortune Delight®, a healthy hydration drink with zero sugar and high in anti-oxidant properties. 
Fortune Delight® Concentrated Herbal Beverage

Fortune Delight®                


Soak Your Feet in a Foot Bath

Traditional Chinese health practices focus on bringing the mind back into the body. A simple way to improve your sleep quality is to soak your feet in hot water before you go to bed. Soaking your feet in hot water increases qi and blood circulation in your entire body. It allows your muscles to relax thus deepening your sleep. Lastly, soaking your feet will draw your overactive mind back into your body and promote physical and mental relaxation. 

To better soothe your body and soul, simply drip 2-3 drops of Sunbreeze® Oil into the water, sit back and enjoy the breeze of calmness for quality sleep!

  1. Fill a basin with hot/warm water. It should feel like you are putting your feet into a hot bath.
  2. Drip 2-3 drips of Sunbreeze® Oil into the water
  3. The water level should at least be enough to cover your ankles.
  4. Soak your feet in the water for ten to fifteen minutes.
  5. Remove your feet from the water and dry them.  Keep your feet warm and don’t walk on the cold floor.
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