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3 Ways to Accelerate Muscle Recovery After a Workout

Have you ever experienced delayed-onset muscle soreness after a strenuous workout? Adequate recovery is an essential post-exercise activity because it not only aids in reducing muscle soreness, but also helps to strengthen our body muscles. Furthermore, a good post-workout recovery routine can also help to prevent injuries.

Here are 3 tips to give your post-workout recovery a boost.  

1. Plan Your Rest Day

Rest is an integral part of any workout routine. Sufficient rest gives your muscles ample time to adapt and recover from exercise. Having a good night’s sleep after working out sets the foundation for muscle recovery.

Pro tip: Use Sunbreeze® Oil / Balm to help improve circulation and soothe sore muscles and joints.

Sunbreeze Oil Balm
Sunbreeze® Oil / Balm

2. Fuel & Hydrate Your Body

Adequate nutrition is key to speeding up muscle growth and recovery. Focus on your protein intake after a workout as protein is known to promote muscle repair. Consume protein-rich foods such as eggs, cottage cheese, and lean meat.

Alternatively, make SunFit® Protein Plus your primary source of protein after exercise. It is fortified with all nine essential amino acids, including branched-chain amino acids. SunFit® Protein Plus also contains additional vitamins, minerals, and complex carbs to support energy and induce satiety. What’s more, this concentrated herbal food is made from pure plant-based proteins, making it an excellent source of protein for vegans.

Sunfit Protein Plus 1
SunFit® Protein Plus

A healthy post-workout snack can also help to shorten muscle recovery time by providing your body with additional nutrients. Try Sunbar® ,which is made from whole foods and herbs that are high in fiber, yet low in sugar. Sunbar® delivers sustained energy and balanced nutrition. It contains coix fruit, lotus root, lycium fruit, and soy protein.


It is equally important to stay hydrated, especially after your workout, as our body loses water through perspiration during exercise. A post-workout drink can help to promote optimal recovery. Fortune Delight® is an ideal beverage as it aids in replenishing lost fluids and balances the body to sustain energy levels, without a sugar crash.

Fortune Delight
Fortune Delight®

3. Consider Post-workout Recovery Supplements

Taking herbal supplements can be beneficial to muscle recovery and may even boost your workout performance.

We recommend Sunrider Sportcaps®, a natural antioxidant-rich superfood that supports endurance and stamina to help accelerate post-workout recovery, with no added stimulants.


Regular exercise is an essential component of healthy living. To get the most out of our workout, we should incorporate proper recovery techniques, which can help enhance our fitness gains and shorten recovery time. This will also reduce the risk of sustaining injuries as we strive for good health.

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