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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiking as a Workout

Hiking is a fitness activity that can be enjoyed all year round to maintain good heart health. As a popular cardiovascular workout, hiking provides numerous advantages over other sports, such as the opportunity for sightseeing, socializing with family and friends, and not requiring investment in costly gear.

There are many health benefits associated with hiking as well. Let’s take a closer look at 4 ways at how hiking can help you to stay fit and remain in the pink of health!

4 Health Benefits of Hiking

1) Reduce body fat through cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercise has a positive effect on burning body fat, increasing muscle strength, and making the heart and lungs healthy. Cardiovascular exercise refers to an exercise that is continuously performed for at least 30 minutes. There are various types of exercise such as walking, running, swimming, mountain climbing, cycling, and soccer, so you can choose whichever suits your taste.

Taking a walk is a simple exercise enjoyed by lots of people. With hiking, you are able to increase the rate of fat burn by walking on an incline. In particular, since hiking is usually enjoyed for about 2 hours or more, the effect of reducing body fat is excellent.

To further combat body fat, consider taking Suntrim® Shake or Suntrim® Plus, which helps to reduce body fat, after a workout.  

Suntrim® Shake and Suntrim® Plus
Suntrim® Shake and Suntrim® Plus

2) Endurance and muscle strength improvement

Hiking also has the effect of strengthening bones and muscles. If one does it regularly, it helps to improve endurance. In particular, the thigh muscle occupies the largest proportion of muscles in the human body. By strengthening the thigh muscles, you can enjoy even more challenging routes.

To help promote enhanced stamina, take Sportcaps®, which is fortified with bee pollen and Siberian ginseng, to aid in boosting energy and endurance, and reducing fatigue.  


3) Increase vitality by improving blood circulation

Regular cardiovascular exercise optimizes heart and lung function, which can provide the body with a steady flow of blood and oxygen, improving blood circulation and cognitive function. Beyond the age of 40, our muscle mass and bone density starts to deteriorate, which accelerates the occurrence of chronic joint diseases. With excellent cardio health leading to a smoother blood circulation, it helps the body to repair efficiently, thereby slowing the above signs of aging.

Apply Sunbreeze® Balm or Oil to the muscles after hiking to soothe sore muscles and enjoy the refreshing cool feeling of mint and eucalyptus on your skin.

Sunbreeze® Balm and Oil
Sunbreeze® Balm and Oil

4) Improve your mood with the “forest bathing” effect

You can also enjoy the “forest bathing” when you go hike. After a hike, you feel refreshed and your body feels lighter. Experts describe this as the “forest bathing” effect.

The phytoncide that trees emit for self-defense is a volatile substance (woody scent), with its main component being terpene. Terpenes are known to play a role in stabilizing the mind by promoting physiological activity in the human body. This “forest bathing” effect is said to be able to relieve physical fatigue and help maintain psychological stability.

Taking a shower with Oi-Lin® Liquid Soap after a hike can also refresh and moisturize your skin. Bathe in liquid luxury with natural botanicals.

Oi-Lin® Liquid Soap
Oi-Lin® Liquid Soap
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